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The Boyfriend Complexity, but nothing about what happened between Leonard and Penny!

"You know who must be the bravest person in the Marvel Universe?" Dr. Rajesh Koothrapali asks his friends. Not waiting for it to turn into a guessing game he reveals quickly "whoever is to give She-Hulk a bikini wax. Howard Wolowitz is quick to disagree and throws in "Captain America's undocumented Mexican gardner". Leonard suggests that you have to be very brave to use the bathroom after The Thing, Sheldon assumes himself to be the only one who can be right and throws in "the doctor who is to give Wolverine a prostate exam. Howard things it's more brave to get a prostate exam from Wolverine. But that's just silly.

In other words, after a bit of a weak lot of episodes I finally got my motivation to sum some of the best quotes of an episode up in a likealot. Let's hear how The Big Bang Theory episode #9 of season four, aka "The Boyfriend Complexity", continues!

The boys have ordered pizza. Again. Pizza boy calls Sheldon and, even though we don't hear the other end of the conversation we can only assume that he argued being unable to use the stairs to deliver his pizza. "Of course you can", Mr. Cooper answers, "pizza dates back to the 16th century" and apparently for over 300 years people have carried pizzas upstairs. Yeah right.

Leonard goes to get his ex-girlfriend Penny. But I won't reveal what happened there, watch the episode yourself. Buttom line is, she refused to come over to enjoy the pizza.

While the others are selecting comics to bring on their star-gazing trip, Leonard returns. "You'll never guess what just happened". In a very lengthy reply, Sheldon guesses that he's been 500 years into the future and now returns to take them all along in his time machine to do something with dolphins.

Leonard: "No"

Sheldon: "Ohhh"

Ok, as said before - I won't go into what happened over at Penny's place. But the conversation lands on insanity.

Sheldon: "Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And by that standard Penny is cookoo for coco puffs."

A bit later:

Raj: "Do: Our babies will be smart and beautiful. That one always makes me laugh."

Leonard: "Why do I bother talking to you people?" - then gets up to answer knocking on the door. It's penny. But nothing more about that. Apart from the thing she quoted her father on: "I bet Leonard never tipped a cow over on himself."

Howard and Raj are in on their star gazing trip in a room with a lot of computers playing battleship. Raj cheats, but that can barely surprise to anybody, when Bernadette comes in and immediately his talking is limited to whispering in his friend's ear. If you ask me, the whole "Raj can't talk in front of women" is getting a bit old. Anyway, the scene continues:

Bernadette: "So where's the telescope?"

Howard: "Oh, well, it's in Hawaii but Raj controls it from here. He's hoping to see Epsilon Eridani dim. Which would be evidence of a planet orbitting it."

Bernadette: "So we just sit in front of the screen waiting for something to happen?"

Howards: "I did it with you when we rented The Notebook"

Bernadette pours some wine in a glass for each one of them. At the moment whey they all have the glasses at their lips:

Bernadette: "Here we go"

Howard: "I'd like to propose a toast to science and friendship."

Bernadette: "Hold on wait. (pause) No it's ok, go ahead"

Howards: "What?"

Bernadette: "Oh, I was working with penicillin resistant gonorrhea in the lab today and I was just trying to remember if I washed my hands."

Raj then let's the wine pour back into this glass, so much for hygiene ;). The action jumps back to Penny, and I had promised to not write anything about that. So, stuff happens and then some more. Eventually, Sheldon walks up the stairs with his loundry and witnesses something he has seen before and apparently did not like. He comments "Oh frikkety frat not this again" and gets into the apartment. 

After a lengthy scene involving Leonard, Penny, Sheldon and somebody we jump back to the room full of screens, Raj, Howard and Bernadette. They got around to drinking wine, so now Rajesh can talk. Good thing the scriptwriters found a way to make him talk to women. Anyway, Raj whines about that if he'd prove there to be a planet around Epsilon Eridani and life is is possible there he'd be all rich and live in a huge house with nobody to love him. Major bummer. He goes on about that nobody wants to kiss him. Him and Bernadette exchange looks, while she ensures him that there are people who do want to kiss him - he just has to look.

He leans over to kiss her. Howards gets jealous and jumps between them, resulting in an intimate moment between him and Raj. Oopsie.

Bernadette: "This was fun."

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