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The Lord of the Big Bang Theory

It's been a while, quite a while, since my last Big Bang Theory summary of quotes. Well, there was a reason. The last six episodes or so just weren't worth writing about. But this one certainly is. This one, is precious.

We see the familiar hallway, and the usual gang of nerds coming up the stairs. Leonard is carrying a large cardboard box.

Howard: Why do I always have to carry the heavy stuff?
Sheldon: Well, that's very simple. In our rag-tag band of scientists with nothing to lose I'm the smart one, Wolowitz is the funny one and Koothrappali is the lovable foreigner who struggles to understand our ways and fails. That leaves, you by default, as: The Muscle!

When they come into the apartment, they find Penny already inside. Lots of things happen, and at some point - or points, but one point in particular - Sheldon says something not quite interesting.

Penny: Yeah, sometimes I don't listen. I just watch your jaw go up and down

The box turns out to be something from a garage sale of somebody who was or was not Adam West. They find all sorts of - in Penny's words - random crap in it.

Howard: Oh my god, an Alf doll. When I was 11 my mother got me one to help me sleep after my dad left. I used to pretend that my dad had moved to the planet Melmac and Alf was gonna.. bring him back to me. But he never did.
Penny: That is so sad!
Sheldon: No, what's sad is that you didn't know that Adam West was TV's Batman.

They keep finding rather random goodies...

Rajesh: Oh, an Aqua-man action figure
Howard: Looks like someone drew a penis on him
Rajesh: That will come off 
(Rajesh starts rubbing the crotch of the green Action figure)

More random stuff, related to movies, comics and geeky TV series like Star Trek. Rejesh has a revelation:

Rajesh: Holy crap are we nerdy!

At the bottom of the box, they found a Ring they believe to be an original movie prop from The Lord of the Rings. They discuss what to do with it at the university.

Howard: Why do you want a jet-ski?
Rajesh: All the wealthy and beautiful people in movies ride jet-skis. That can't just be an coincidence.

Because they couldn't decide what to do, Penny got to hold on to The Ring. Apart from being mildly upset about it being the first jewelry she got from Leonard, this happens:

Penny: Aaaaaaaaa!
(Penny punches Sheldon)
Sheldon: You hit me! I'm bleeding!
Leonard: What happened?
Penny: Sheldon to take The Ring and I hit him.
Leonard: That's my girl.

The nerds decide that the last one to let go of The Ring would get to keep it. 

Sheldon: I would advice the three of you that resistance is futile. I have endless patience. I once spent two and a half hours on-hold with Hewlett-Packard customer service just to complain about their customer service.
Leonard: You wanna talk about endless patience? Penny made me watch all five seasons of Sex and the City.
Rajesh: There's six seasons, dude.
Leonard: Ow, crap.

Penny finds them "in formation" trying to open the door, Leonard explains what's going on.

Penny: No no, you are my boyfriend. Nothing you do is silly to me. FYI, this - is a bag from Victoria's Secret.
Leonard: I'm out

Three of the nerds are still holding on. They all need to use the little men's room.

Rajesh: Fine, .. hmm, on the count of three. One. Two.
Sheldon: Wait, wait, just to clarify. When you get to three, do we stand up or do we pee?
Howard: We stand up.
Sheldon: Excellent choice.

I'm not giving much more away, but the screencap to this article was taken when Sheldon said this.

Sheldon: My own, my love, my precious!

And also

Leonard: My precious.

I can't Penny for it all getting a bit too much for her.

Penny: Argh, I've gotta go back to dating dumb guys from the gym.

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