Posted 10/Nov 2009 at 13:05
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The Next Generation: Mobile phones with roll-out touch screen, without charger cable

Say farewall to your iPhone, the next step advancements in mobile phones is just-around-the-corner. reports about a very slim, solar-powered cell phone with a large roll-out screen.

Of course the whole phone is made as touchscreen, and that includes the large display that pops right out of the device. This all is made possible with Nano technology. The images included on show the phone being used to watch movies, chat client and - yeah, apparently you're still supposed to be able to call with it so it includes a microphone and speaker.

If this all appears to be a bit too good to be true. Sit back. You won't ever have to charge this phone! It's completely solar powered, so just a bit of sunlight is supposed to be enough to keep the charge high enough to call, type long letters to your mother's Facebook page or whatever you're planning to do.

A bit too futuristic for you? Well, perhaps. This all only exists on some images, and in the mind of Industrial Designer Aleksander Mukomelov. But we all know the inevitable. While it might not be this exact phone, some day the technology will be as common-day as five year old cellphones are today.

Nothing is known about release dates and market prices.

More information can be found on:

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