Posted 1/Sep 2011 at 15:30
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Thought about comments to online content - centralized vs scattered

Sometimes when I'm working one exciting new projects, I get exciting new ideas. And sometimes when I'm working on not so exciting projects, I distract myself with hanging out on social networks to make sure a fair share of new ideas at least cross through my mind.

This time I read an article from BBC News that was shared to one of my circles on Google+ and I wanted to add something to that. A comment, if you will. At that point, I had to make the decision where to do that. My options were:

  • Directly on
  • In reaction to the share on Google+
  • Through a re-share on Google+
  • By sharing it myself on Facebook
  • On Twitter

And those are just the most obvious options. Then I figured that it shouldn't matter where I comment. On one place I reach my friends, on the other my followers - yet another place everybody who reads the article can read what I have to say. But all I want is just to comment and have everybody I care about read it.


Well, the website that hosts the content could - apart from their own commenting system - implement some connection to the social networks of their choice and display the comments posted there into the comment stream. The leading social networks could implement a (microformats, for example) standard for pointing to the comments given to an article - and offer a way to display them along with the share-action.

But is this a good idea? I dont know. It's just a thought I had.

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