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Time to open Johan Nygård's package after 100 years

After just about one hundred yers, the residents of Sel, a small town in the center of Norway, will find out what Johan Nygård has hidden in his package. Whatever it is, it must have been important enough for Nygård to want to pass over since the delivery of the package, dated 26 of August 1912, came with clear instructions not to open it before 2012.

The package isn't very large, 40 cm by 28 and 9 cm thick. And with a weight of just over 3 kilos, a lot of gold is out of the question. According to Kjell Voldheim, Industrial Registrar at The Gudbrandalsmuseum where the package has been kept, it mostly feels like a stack of papers. But, he admits, it could be anything wrapped inside some papers.

The imagination machine at leaste is funning at full speed. The municipality is hoping it's old oil stocks, now obviously worth their weight in gold many times over. Speculations from a group of school children vary from a knife to "imagine it's a pea! hihi".

On a Dutch website, Marjoke fantasizes about the murder on Anna Sonstrøm and to which extent the package might contain evidence that Johan Nygård might know more about it. Marjokes theory though appears to be based on nothing but fiction.

One hint might be found in the date. 400 year ago, on 26 August 1612 local farmers fought a battle over scottish soldiers, hired by the Sweden in the war against Denmark-Norway - which formed one country at that point. A fight now known as the Battle of Kringen. They won the battle, and this victory has been celebrated every 100 years. In the 1912 celebrations Nygård played a significant part in organizing the festivities.

In old documents describing the origins of the package, it's also referred to as the Kringen-package, sparking suspicion that the contents would be related to that. It also desribes that the package was a personal gift from Johan Nygård to  municipality of Sel. And that it would be a pleasant experience for future generations, when the package would finally be opened.

Imagine if....

Time for some further speculation, here are my guesses on what it might be:

  • A document predicting the events on 22 july, up to the court's decision today, proving for once and for all that there are people who can look into the future.
  • An artifact from the Battle of Kringen, sent down from one generation to another until it reached Johan Nygård. Assuming Nygård did not have any children, handing it over in this way could have been his only chance.
  • A message from outer space
  • The truth about 9/11.
  • A treasure map, with the treasure being another package marked to be opened 100 years from now.
  • A lot of very good jokes

Or perhaps a VG publicity stunt, possibly announcing a new TV show? After all, I can't find much information about the package older than just a few days. So who's to say that it's even real.... We'll find out tonight at 18:00 CEST on

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