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Top 5 Perfect Christmas gifts 2010 - What do we like?

Another year has come and gone. 2010 is almost over. It's here!! My top 5 with gifts ranging from the luscious, sexy, fun to the sheer nerdy and cool! Enjoy - yours, Y.

1. Apple Ipad

Why? Apple has been voted best brand and the Ipad has been voted best product of 2010. That's the boring reason. You want it! Or give it away and borrow it back! Imagine all the playtime you can have on new years eve!

Who for? Fun for all the family.

What will it bring? Wonder of modern technology, information, sharing and fun!

2. Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Why? It’s stylish, very RRRROAR! and it claims to have a heart!!

Who for? Your other half, but he or she must be cool enough. Uma Thurman style.

What bring? Style, speed, great design and possible encounters on the backseat and, as it says on the box, 'every day thrills'.

3. Iphone4

Why? Why not is the question. RRRRR is the answer! There are few reasons anymore to not buy. Resisting progress? Trying not to be cool? Clinging onto your old Nokia? You're hanging by the fingernails....

Who for? Yourself, your other half or Santa to keep track of your wishlist!

What will it bring? Convenience, “Me Too”, ease, control, surprise and lots of fingeraction ;-)

4. Dior Dune for Men or Women

Why? The most irresistible MUST SNIFF deeply erotic fragrance on the market today, for him and her.

Who for? Yourself, your other half, your lover or loverette, Father Christmas and his reindeer.

What will it bring? The scented sense of serenity for the holidays and something to spray in the Giulietta afterwards.

5. Caliroots Star Wars Headphones Darth Vader style

Why? Instant 'Pass the Peas' credibility guaranteed but be careful you have to be TOUGH ENOUGH! Are you?

Who for? Yourself, your kids, your boyfriend or girlfriend or your cat.

What will it bring? Endless hours of earcandy, Darth Vader style.

There you have it. The gadgetry, speedy, smelly or dangerously streetsoundy for the perfect Christmas gift 2010. Do come back for more...

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