Posted 20/Mar 2012 at 20:13
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Turn the lights off!

Another "Earth Hour" event is approaching, and people around the world start thinking of the environment again. The general interest grows suddenly each March, and it disappears immediately after the "Earth Hour", leaving millions of people with a feeling of fulfillment, and the impression they did such a great thing for the world. 

For those who might not be familiar with the concept, Earth Hour is one of the biggest events concerning the environment. People and companies all around the world are encouraged to turn off the lights and the electricity for an hour, in order to raise awareness towards the impact of the electricity consumption on the environment. Earth Hour takes place last Saturday of March every year. That means that this year's event will take place on the 31st of March.

The idea of the event is good, but since it started to grow as a trend, more and more people misunderstand its meaning. The world is divided in three major groups that have different understandings of the Earth Hour, which leads to totally different behaviors.

On the first hand there are the ecologists, the environmental NGOs which truly believe in the effects of the Earth Hour. They do understand how the electricity consumption affects our world and try to have a make a difference, by limiting their consumption as much as they can. The most “dangerous” group is made of the people who think that by turning of the lights for one hour they have done the environment a great favor, and immediately after they get back to their old habits. They even make a huge deal out of it, as if it would be a miracle that they managed to survive one hour without electricity. The last, but not the least are the most people who don’t even case about the whole problem. They either don’t think they can make a difference, or they don’t want to.

Media is also “helping” a lot with making people feel important, because they have “saved” the environment. Before the Earth Hour, you can hear and read a lot of things about saving the environment. Different competitions are organized around the world, making people feel even more important.

But this should not be about the people, but about the environment and very few people seem to care about it in their daily life. The sad truth is that we are all depending on electricity and trying to limit our consumption would mean less comfort.  That is the key factor that makes most people to not care about the environment. The difference can be really seen the moment we make an Earth Hour every day. And not because it is a trend, but because we know that we don’t need to spend that much electricity.

So don’t forget to turn off the unnecessary lights on March the 31st, and more than that try to turn on the “lights” in your head and realize that you are no better than those not doing anything, if you think you have saved the Earth during that hour. Actually you might be even worse, because at least they know which side they are on. 

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