Posted 3/Nov 2012 at 16:58
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Unboxing my Nexus 7 - In Full Double HD 3D

The road to getting my Nexus 7 has been long. Very long, to me. The device was announced back at the end of june, and back then only released in the US. Then slowly the rumours came about a European release. I believe Germany was first, at the end of August. Eventually other parts of Europe, including my country of origin The Netherlands followed sometime in September. But I live in Denmark, so I had to wait a bit longer.

Finally, on the 4th of October it got released here as well. But guess what? I was in The Neterlands for business, so I couldn't get it. Due to some problems in the supply chain, it was sold out at that point in all Dutch stores I could find, and by the time I was able to put in an online order at a Danish store it was sold out there as well. Thus started a month long waiting time, without much information.

In the meantime Google and Asus announced that there would be coming a 32GB model, with mobile network capabilities. But for that I didn't want to wait. Anyway, now a month later I finally have the tablet - I'm pleased with it and I'm pleased to share with you my unboxing video, in 3D. 

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