Posted 27/Sep 2012 at 01:44
by in Film & Video read by 332 people

Vegas Pro 12 released - proxy editing was never this easy

This might be my shortest post ever, but I might come with a longer review of the newsly released Vegas Pro 12 at a later point. Right now, all this is about is thanking Sony for this amazing feature called "Create Proxy Video", which instructs Sony Vegas Pro 12 to render a clip to a format it can handle a bit better for previews. The result? No more waiting for previews, less pre-renders and thus a way faster workflow.

If you edit (compressed) videos HD videos on a regular basis, this is a feature that will save you time and earn you back the $500 purchase price. That is, if you use the software for paid jobs.

This in particular comes in handy when doing Stereoscopic 3D editing, where previews tend to be even slower. Not anymore, Vegas renders a perfect proxy for both the left and the right eye picture and the preview windows plays smoothly.


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