Posted 27/Apr 2010 at 15:27
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Web Meets Paper - The Twitter Notepad

Look at the picture, need I say more?

Everybody knows those info-mercials, where some guy - usually Mike - tries to sell the most wonderful products? Cooking machines, glue that replaces patchwork, magic ways to repair the paint on your car and what not. 

This image made me think about about a sketch I saw at some point, not sure where - and I can't find it anywhere right now. But it was going on about how fantastic pen and paper where. How much better it is than a laptop, as you an jump on it, fold it, unfold it and most of all drop it from great heights. And it still works.

Well, this particular version of the brilliantly robust invention called paper would have suited perfectly in that sketch.

Co-host John: "But Mike, what about all those social networks like Facebook and Twitter"
Mike: "Don't worry John, they still work. Look at this, it comes printed with your Twitter name and you can just write on it. Anywhere you are, and still without any batteries."
John: "It certainly looks amazing Mike, but how can my friends see what I have written"
Mike:  "Come on John, have some faith in me. Look how I write my tweet on this piece of paper and give it to you. See, through social interaction you can still update your friends with your latest status messages"

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