Posted 25/Apr 2012 at 15:59
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Will Google Drive work on Linux?

Alright. So we did already have Dropbox and Ubuntu One. And this iClod thing from Apple. And WeTransfer to send big files. Along comes Google doing the same thing again. But, it's Google so everybody caress. And for what I read on BusinessInsider, I would certainly consider swapping out Dropbox in favour of Google Drive. Just because it's cheaper, and they offer larger storage.

Oh, and of course because they say that they integrate with Google Docs. That's always a plus. An Google+ one might say. Come to think of it, I hope that photos shared to Drive will be available inside Google+ in the same was as they do with Instant Upload. 

Anyway, in the video they say that it works anywhere, whatever program you use. And the do mention PC and Mac as supported platforms. Though I'm not sure to which extent they include Linux in the category of PC. Let's wait and see until they've finished rolling things out.

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