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Winter, the most wonderful time of the year

I was about to give up hope of ever seeing the beautiful white snow flakes coming down from way above again. From my childhood I remember playing in the snow every winter, on most days of winter. I also remember that already back then snow and ice was becoming less and less common.

Of course, that that time nobody was talking about global warming yet. I don't even remember anybody giving it any second thought. It just happened, and we had to accept it. Something I've always had a very hard time with. Just accept it. And I'm speaking general terms here ;-).

My childhood is well behind me now, and so are the times of commonly seeing snow on the streets of The Netherlands. Imagine my joy when I was planning Christmas 2007 in Denmark. My girlfriend had shown me pictures from the winter before, with houses almost entirely covered in snow. And I was to celebrate Christmas in a country where that was not considered uncommon.

Moreover, I knew that eventually I would end up living in that country. I thought it would mean plenty snow every year. 

But no, Denmark didn't bless me with a white Christmas in 2007. Nor in 2008. And last November was about to go into the books as the first frost-less November in recorded history in Denmark. Almost, as we had a tiny bit of frost in the last two days.

It was not looking hopeful for winter and snow this year.

Until I had to bring out the trash last night. It was like waking up in a winter wonderland. Despite it being evening. The first snow of the year didn't come in meters at a time, but Aalborg did get covered in a good ten centimeters of pure white gold. 

So, I spent a few minutes throwing snowballs at nothing in particular, grabbed my camera and took some pictures. The result wasn't amazing due to the lack of light, and I started to fear: "What if it's gone tomorrow? I won't have any proof that it actually was here".

Thus comes one of the biggest differences between Denmark and The Netherlands. Over the last 15 years* I haven't experienced the first snow of the winter to last for more than a couple of hours. Here a bit more up north, it actually does. In fact; IT'S STILL THERE! And they're expecting a bit more later today.

And now I can only hope that the snow will take the heat out of the big demonstrations planned for Copenhagen today. I too want the big world leaders to come to an agreement on how to reduce CO2 emission to an absolute minimum. But disrupting the negotiations by trying to invade the Bella centre is probably not the way to do. This would only lessen the amount of time available to actually come to an agreement.

And that agreement is long overdue already, and needed.

* by estimation

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