Yes, I am very well aware that we called this site i like a lot. And I do like a lot. But this I simply don't like. I own an IT company, and...
Posted 4/Mar 2011 at 13:44
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Are you one of those people who prefer to avoid having to enter - and remember - your password for every website you use? And have you, like...
Posted 23/Feb 2011 at 15:39
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Best album of the year 2010? Thats a difficult call. There was so much music. But if we start with one of my favourites in the smooth jazz...
Posted 11/Jan 2011 at 21:20
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Earlier this year, basically in the very begining I blogged about how I thought I could lose the holiday grams by just walking around more in...
Posted 20/Dec 2010 at 13:21
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Another year has come and gone. 2010 is almost over. It's here!! My top 5 with gifts ranging from the luscious, sexy, fun to the sheer nerdy...
Posted 13/Dec 2010 at 17:04
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It finally happened. They managed to shut it down. Whoever they might be. When trying to visit at the moment, my browser status...
Posted 3/Dec 2010 at 16:40
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Sinterklaas is op bezoek in Stockholm, Zweden! Jawel, hij is echt gekomen om de kinderen in Zweden ook een kadootje te brengen.
Posted 28/Nov 2010 at 18:16
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Japanese dudes created a real transformer robot. And a good one too.
Posted 8/Nov 2010 at 23:20
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Through it's many YouTube channels, blogs and such Google gets a power of that in questions. Some are good, some better, some make sense and...
Posted 7/Nov 2010 at 00:57
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In May this year I posted the recording of the TomTom voice pack with Darth Vader.
Posted 2/Nov 2010 at 11:45
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If this thing is real, I really like it a lot! Always nice to use things like this that fit in your inside pocket.
Posted 28/Oct 2010 at 00:22
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It is a real Lego Mindstorms NXT 3D Lego Printer. 
Posted 26/Oct 2010 at 23:58
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Now, most years I have watched this program (yes I do) and watch the votes count with sheer amazement, surprised how the continent I live in...
Posted 30/May 2010 at 00:51
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Look at the picture, need I say more?
Posted 27/Apr 2010 at 15:27
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There some things in life that are really cool. And I think this a candidate for this title.
Posted 30/Mar 2010 at 21:14
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This is on those moments I think: "Gotta have one!".
Posted 22/Mar 2010 at 17:03
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Some things are so simple that nobody thought of it before. 
Posted 22/Mar 2010 at 16:50
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Likealotter Davrinster was right when he posted this likealot about Imelda May.
Posted 21/Mar 2010 at 15:27
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Ready to clean up the garden? Are you feeling the energy from the First Day of Spring, 20 March 2010, the Vernal Equinox yet?
Posted 20/Mar 2010 at 20:58
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