A whole new appraoch to telling the nativity story! Follow the birth if Baby Jesus all the way from the text Gabriel sends to Mary's iPhone,...
Posted 16/Dec 2010 at 20:40
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I was going to write this post last night. I was going to start with a sentence along the lines of: "while I am writing it is snowing heavily...
Posted 18/Dec 2009 at 21:50
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Yes, that is Beverly - Leonard's mother - kissing Sheldon. No thanksgiving break this time, and an episode full of quotes. Time to break my...
Posted 16/Dec 2009 at 22:31
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I was about to give up hope of ever seeing the beautiful white snow flakes coming down from way above again. From my childhood I remember...
Posted 16/Dec 2009 at 14:23
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From an album of original Christmas songs by the eloquent master of jazz Michael Franks. '... since we're contented so just watching the...
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For all those BlackBerry die hards smiley-wink.gif
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Every year the same music? Want a change of scene?
Posted 8/Dec 2009 at 21:48
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Now I know what you are thinking. Huh? They are only talking. But wait until somewhere in the  middle. There's a little acapella improv or so...
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For those of you who want to get into that very special christmasfeeling!
Posted 7/Dec 2009 at 20:18
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