I was there in Arnhem when Roger Waters performed the Wall 2011 show. It was incredible. What amazed me most was the sound of the lead guitar...
Posted 7/Feb 2012 at 21:07
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Two amazing guitarists play the same guitar at the same time.
Posted 4/Nov 2009 at 10:45
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Always hits the spot Elin Sigvardsson, Swedish Dylan
Posted 17/Oct 2009 at 11:13
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Quality singer songwriting stuff from Swedish Elin. Love it.
Posted 17/Oct 2009 at 11:03
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Aimee Mann. Iceman likes. Strong stuff always hits the spot. "You earn a lot of money but you cannot keep your bills paid" v true  smiley-undecided.gif
Posted 11/Oct 2009 at 23:00
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